Interior Painting

Are you looking to have the interior of your home painted?

Sunshine Painters are highly experienced in interior house painting and have been servicing the Australian clients for over 30 years.

We know the processes to follow to provide a great painting finish. We are experienced in filling, gapping and sanding surfaces as well as sealing watermarks and repairing cracks – we complete these tasks constantly when painting the interiors of our client’s homes.

Often woodwork is painted in oil-based paint and sometimes in acrylic (water-based paint). We are now finding more and more of our clients prefer acrylic to avoid the fumes. The water-based enamels we use now are very tough and according to the paint manufacturers dry as hard as oil-based enamels (once they have cured). Acrylic paint does tend to show more brush marks than oil-based – usually, the finish is acceptable to most people and will meet Australian Standards i.e. the brush marks won’t be visible when looking at the surface 1-1.5 metres away in natural light.

If you are sensitive to paint fumes or would prefer to not have any we can use water-based toxic-free paint. This may appeal to you particularly if you have health issues or young children. Often the cost isn’t any greater or is marginal.